Last call for Mini RV promo!

Lovelies! Today is the last day to place your order for our February Mini RV promo. Wait no more aite~ ;)

Apart from that, here's some interesting bits we'd like to share with you - 

  • Some people out there seem to think red velvet are only made of red batter and white frosting. tettt. sorry, but you are absolutely wrong! ;p
  • Red velvet cake must have some cocoa for a mild chocolate flavor - it is not, by definition, a chocolate cake. 
  • The deep red color comes from red food dye - beet juice does not add to the right kind of red.
  •  The cake is traditionally iced in rich cream cheese frosting. Not just a thin layer where you can still see the red cake.
  • Precise measurements and meticulous attention to detail are key for this cake; therefore, it must be made in small, easy-to handle, family-sized batches. Mass-produced batter just doesn't cut it. Meaning? You'll get the best red velvet home-made only.
  • Only high-quality ingredients are used to make this cake. It's like a DIVA, cheap stuffs will upset her. (trust us -  we did during our test & error, swapping just one ingredient for a cheaper option; and the cake just did not turned out right.)


Have you found the perfect RED VELVET cake?

*Pix from previous orders.* Finishing touch - a heart shaped RV cake for one of our returning customers♥ ♥ ♥ ~ 


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