It's time for some RV LURVIN'! ;)
We will be giving away ONE BOX of 16 Red Velvet Cupcakes this month absolutely FREEE!! All you have to do is - tell us how much you lurve our RV (be creative!) and if you can't find the right words, post a picture of you enjoying OUR RV.. if we lurve your post or your pix.. what else?? come and collect your RV!
 Here's how you do it :
  • Facebook status - Post some lurve on your FB  status and tag us in it! (to tag us, just insert - @maija and click on our name) 
  • Facebook photo - Just upload your pix on our FB wall! (oh no, we won't do that "photos with most numbers of like wins" thingy - so, don't worry!)
And that's it! Easy peasy rite? and of course, wait for us to announce who's the lucky one.
Happy Lurvin' y'all!  ;)


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